Things to Know About the IEEE Strategic Plan 2015-2020


IEEE is an association that aims to encourage technological advancements for the growth and uplift of the humanity. Since its formation in 1963, it has been providing a value network for the exchange of technologically advanced ideas and quality products supply pertaining to different fields. Its area of interestedness expands to fields such as electronics, wireless technology, robotics and much more.

IEEE’s strategic plan for 2015-2020 delineates a clear view of association’s unparallel effort for contributing to the technological advancement and human betterment.

An overview of IEEE’s strategic plan 2015-2020 has been outlined below.

maxresdefaultIEEE’s Mission

In its plan for 2015-2020, IEEE aims to foster preeminence and technological modernism for the betterment of the society.


It aims to be an indispensable aid to the technical community and the professionals in the same field on a global level. The idea is to be recognized universally for its continued efforts to improve technology and conditions of professionals all over the world.

The Fundamental Value

  • In its core values, IEEE has listed to become a trusted source of information. The aim is to provide a platform for collaboration and technical dialogue.
  • For the growth and development purpose, it plans to promote education for scientists, technologists, and engineers at all level, laying the groundwork for the students to adopt the profession with utmost passion and professionalism.
  • It plans to cultivate a cordial exchange between professionals relating to different disciplines
  • Promoting a respect culture for the volunteers and employees
  • Harnessing technology and science for the uplift and benefaction of the humanity
  • Cultivating a professional climate where professionals and volunteers will be appreciated for their work ethics

IEEE’s Goals 2015-2020

  • Enabling and inflating the communities to assist individuals to share, debate, collaborate with each other on a universal levelsetandreachgoals
  • Providing technically sound platforms for the development, discussion and distribution of knowledge. However, the main focus will rest on the individuals working on out-of-order and emerging technologies.
  • Tackling the world’s most challenging issues pertaining to humanitarian causes using technology.
  • Using IEEE’s technology insight to help NGOs, the government, and other organizations to resolve public issues.
  • Trying to find out the practical solutions for the technologically backward communities.

IEEE’s Initiatives for supporting its goals

IEEE maneuvers to provide specialized aid to entrepreneurs and young professionals in the form of more products, technologies, and services aimed at increasing IEEE’s value in the industry.  IEEE will also make sure that its core activities are relevant and standardized in its publications, conferences. The members will be provided with increased value.

The association will also be developing programs mainly concentrated on technology and knowledge for the public domain. The programs are designed to contribute to the field of humanitarian efforts.

IEEE will also take the initiative of evaluating and adapting the organizational structure. This evaluation will assist IEEE to cope up with the challenges arising out of altering environment. It will also help to stabilize and augment the sustainable and financial health of IEEE.


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