Origin of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

An Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is one of the largest technical professional associations in world whose objective is to advance the modernization excellence of technology. The institute has its corporate centre located at New York while the operation centre is located at Piscataway, New Jersey.      It was started in the year 1963 from the combination of two associations namely AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) and IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers). It basically serves computing, electric, electronics and communication fields.

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer that is comprised of various people such as electrical engineers, computer engineers, computer scientists, medical doctors, doctorate students, IT professionals, and all other people associated with science and technology. IEEE has its various societies, conferences, journals, magazines, transactions, publications, etc. that are known for its excellent quality in the world.

integrated microchipWhy IEEE was formed?

The AIEE was restricted to areas such as light and power systems and wire communications while IRE was focused mainly on radio engineering. As the demand for electronics were rising in 1930s, it became difficult to distinguish between the AIEE and IRE. Both of the associations started competing and so it ended up by combining together. Thus, it emerged as an IEEE in 1963. After the two organizations were merged into IEEE, increase in sales was noticed as ten times of the earlier sales.

Presidents of AIEE were Alexander Graham Bell, Elihu Thomson, and Proteus Steinmetz. Presidents of IRE were Lee De Forest, William R. Hewlett, Robert H. Marriot, Frederick E. Terman and Ernst Weber. President of IEEE when it was formed was Ivan Getting.

History of AIEE and IRE:

AIEE was started in 1884. Around 11 technical committees were established by AIEE that we can call nowadays as lightning, energy storage, chemical industry etc. IRE came into the world in 1912 for modernizing the radio techniques and the other branches of engineering. IRE was also combination of two organizations namely Wireless Institute and SWTE.

Mission and objective of IEEE:electronicscommunicationcourse

The main goal of IEEE is to promote the technical advancement and quality for profiting the humanity. IEEE is beneficial for technical professionals as well as technical communities spread worldwide.

IEEE’s History Center:

First center for history of electrical engineering was started in 1980 and initially the center was consisted of a curator, research assistant and a director. IEEE had a history committee since the time IEEE was found that is aimed at maintaining, promoting, and researching the history of electrical and information technology. The center preserves all the research that has been done in electrical or computer sciences so that if anyone is interested in that particular area of field, he/she could study about that. It is not any building or an office, you can access IEEE’s history center just by taking an appointment via email. You can access some of the center’s resources on Engineering and Technology History Wiki. Now, the history center has been relocated to Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA in 2014.

This is how, IEEE originated from the integration of two smaller organizations AIEE and IRE and is widely known for its qualities and standards.


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