Interesting facts about IEEE

At the present time when technological or scientific innovations are essentially attached with practically in every aspect of the world and it is very important to expand a scientific and theoretically educated civilization. Whenever we heard technical innovations, the first name comes in the mind with lots of positive waves and it is none other than IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. They are the leader and most prominent player in the innovative educational sector.

What is IEEE?

IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a bunch of smart and sharp brains. It was formed in the year of 1963 by the collaboration of two leading organizations AIEE and IRE. The organization has the world’s biggest and dedicated professionals association. IEEE is well-recognized for their scientific innovations and brilliance. A team of brilliants inspires the worldwide community all the way through its extremely popular educational activities, publications, technical standards, conferences, and highly skilled professional. Because of such vividness, IEEE named as the world’s biggest technical professionals institute.

IEEE was originally designed to offer all aspects of computing, electronic, electrical and other field’s professionals to grow and find the best pathways for them. It is successfully following its aim today. Now they have so many milestones in their pocket.

Quick Facts of IEEE:


Well, above we mention their goals and reason to form. They are successful because they are still with their ground values and roots. Here are the interesting quick facts about IEEE to explain their success story. Just take quick glances of their milestones:

  • IEEE has more than 421,000 members in 160+ different countries all around the globe. They have more than 50% members outside the United States.
  • They have around 114,000 students. It is the largest number of all institutions.
  • IEEE has approximately 334 sections in 10 geographic provinces all around the world.
  • They have 2,116 different chapters that unite restricted participants with equal interests.
  • IEEE is witnessed of around 1,159 chapters of different branches.
  • They have 459 affinity groups. These groups are non-technical units of a council or a section. They are the patent units of IEEE.
  • The IEEE has 7 technical committees and 39 societies to represent the huge range of IEEE technological interest.
  • They are around 4 million important documents in their digital library called IEEE The authorities have recorded more than 8 million downloads every month.
  • They have publishes around 180 journals, magazines and transactions.
  • They have sponsored more than 1600 conferences in 95 different countries.
  • They updated their data annually on the 31st of every December.

electricalIEEE is one of the most acknowledged institutions. They have honored with so many medals and awards. They have awarded with ‘medal for engineering excellence’, ‘medal in power engineering’, ‘centennial medal’, ‘control systems awards’, ‘ electro-magnetic awards’ and lots more. IEEE presents numerous student awards, competitions and other chances to find energetically concerned.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE is representing the examples from the first day to use technical excellence for the benefits of humankind. Everyone should take an inspiration from IEEE to make this world a better place to live with latest and unique scientific innovations.


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