The IEEE New Initiative Program for 2015-20

The new initiative program deliberated by IEEE supports prospective new programs, products, or services that extend significant advantages to IEEE members, public, technical people, and customers, or that could create an enduring impact on IEEE or its business and operational processes. The IEEE new initiative process involves the commencement of new initiative proposals that can be submitted any time during the year through a two-stage process. Any new initiative program proposed with a total budget of more than US$40,000. IEEE also invites the Seed Grant Proposal for projects, which are experimental or innovative and need a total funding of not more than US$40,000. The project funding is provided once the proposal is recommended and approved by the directors of IEEE Board. Then, NIC is updated with latest project reports every quarter, which are then forwarded to the Board finance-committeeof Directors and Finance Committee at IEEE.

IEEE New Initiative Process

The IEEE new initiative process ensures evaluation of the proposals at any time during the year, which is conducted through a two-stage submission process. The process aims at reducing the time between submission to response and implementation. The process also focuses at new initiative proposals for new projects besides encouraging reviews and feedback on running and completed initiative processes. Generally, the new initiatives are anticipated to cost at US$100,000 or more allocated for a period of one year, but it also includes the new initiatives that exceed a total budget of US$40,000. However, multi-year funding can be provided for a maximum of up to three yearly periods. The Seed Grant proposal process involves small-scale or high-risk proposals costing less than US$40,000 to be completed within an annum.

IEEE NIC (IEEE New Initiatives Committee)

The IEEE NIC (New Initiatives Committee) studies the proposals for new initiative and seed grants and provides its feedback by reviewing ongoing initiatives in order to successful completion of the IEEE New Initiatives Process. The new initiative proposals can be sent to the NIC over

IEEE Strategic Plan for 2015-2020

14477185829_52d2311b48_kThe ongoing IEEE Strategic Plan carries great significance as the plan determines its goals and classifies the initiatives that IEEE will support and fund in the next few years. The current strategic plan aims at encouraging technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of society. Thus, IEEE provides a vital platform for the professionals and organizations engaged in new innovations and technological developments to counter existing global challenges being faced in the field of power and energy creation.

IEEE New Initiative Goals for Coming Years

The society focuses on supporting dynamic communities to share every new development that would enhance new innovations in power and energy sector. The society lays down a vital platform for discussion, growth, and exchange of knowledge pertaining to traditional technologies. In a nutshell, the IEEE NIC leads the world and intellectuals in order to invent new technology designs that will help eliminating the drastic problems created by existing technologies.

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