What is your opinion about IEE?

 IEEE is a standard that is helps to develop and progress of electro technology and allied sciences in a standard way. It directs people to follow specific pattern rather than following their own for their developments. It really is a huge institution that has its hands in almost every field and generally a lot of organizations and companies follow them as a standard so that means that they truly have gained popularity over their professionalism. It also has no less than 400,000 members that it has earned from the chapters present around the globe where the major topics that fall under it are  electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines.

How you began to like IEEE? What was your first encounter with IEEE?

As for the beginning of my affiliation with IEEE was more kind of a joke; actually I heard that if you become a member of IEEE, you will be able to access the following privileges and the privileges were quiet good so I did not refused to become a part of IEEE. When I joined it, I barely knew anything about IEEE except for what it stands for and what they will give me if I join their company. Anyways, as a member I also had to indulge myself in different events that were taking place. At that time I slowly began to realize that this really is a good platform who does everything very professionally. From the organization of events to the management; everything appeared to be very professional and creative. Other than that, I also noticed that the subjects and topics they organized are not only helpful but they also are very promising and proving to be a guideline for the visitors and participants.

What can the readers find in your site?

You are going to find everything about IEEE here. You want to know anything about IEEE, you can find it here. It will involve the basic description of IEEE, and also the mission and vision statement of IEEE. Further, what is the history of IEEE, who is present in the organization, or even who is present in the current leadership, who is responsible for developing the standards that a wide range of organizations follow, and so on. Though apart from the general information about IEEE, you also will be able to get to know the awards and appreciations IEEE has received, with all the detailed information about medals, or technical field awards, or recognitions, or other paper prize awards, the kind and sort of scholarships IEEE offers for the students and even for other staff, or what activities are arranged by IEEE, and trust me there is a huge list of possibilities for the caliper of IEEE. They basically have their hands in almost all the fields so they are present everywhere that cannot even expressed in few lines. Nevertheless, most of the people have only heard that IEEE is a standard and they don’t know much about it and so these people are requested to go through my site to have an idea of IEEE and its standards and also the huge areas where IEEE is used.