Amazing Facts and Statistics about IEEE

IEEE is the largest professional society that is dedicated towards modernizing the innovation in technology for benefiting the humanity. IEEE is inspired by its cited publications, professional activities, conferences, and technology standards. There are many amazing facts about IEEE that everyone should know.

Facts about IEEE:

  1. IEEE consists of around 4,21,000 or more than that number of members from more than 160 countries and 50% or more do not belong to US.
  2. Out of all members, around 1,14,000 of them are student members.sdssd
  • 10 geographic regions have been divided into 334 sections globally.
  1. More than 100 countries have around 2,806 branches of students at universities and colleges.
  2. IEEE also consists of 459 affinity groups that are termed as non technical sub units.

Publications in IEEE:

One third of world’ technical literature is published in IEEE in the field of computer sciences, electrical and electronics engineering. According to estimation, nearly 180 journals, magazines and transactions are published in IEEE every year. IEEE not only publishes journals or magazines but also publishes textbooks, technical books, monographs and guides in association with John Wiley. Journals of IEEE are considered to be highly cited journals in technological fields. IEEE only accepts the quality and accurate content and then gives access to publish it. IEEE has a library namely IEEE Xplore Digital Library that comprises of around 4 million documents in the form of journals, magazines, conference proceedings, letters etc. IEEE publications are classified into various different fields that further consist of large number of cited journals, amgzines, conference proceedings etc.

Membership at IEEE:

There are over 4,20,000 IEEE members spread over more than 160 countries worldwide. With the help of membership at IEEE, you can be able to access various zones of IEEE such as journals, magazines, letters, conference proceedings etc. Through its member oriented services, IEEE offers numerous benefits to its members. IEEE has different packages for different types of members.

Conferences in IEEE:

shutterstock_118429402elecwebThere are more than one lakh technical people who attend the more than 1600 conferences organized by IEEE every year. IEEE conferences usually cover different relevant topics such as electronic, electrical, microwaves, IT etc. If you need to organize IEEE conference in your college or university, you can contact to IEEE meetings and organize IEEE conferences.

Standards at IEEE:

IEEE is known for its international standards that are used to build many products and services related to telecommunications, IT, and power generation. IEEE is comprised of 1100 active standards and 500 standards in IEEE are under development. Some of the popular IEEE standards are IEEE 802 that are designed for Ethernet and Wireless LANs.

Education and employment options at IEEE:

IEEE also provides opportunities to learn technical skills and to grow the knowledge about various research areas. You might have many job opportunities at IEEE too of various profiles such as faculty member, research assistant, software engineer, research associate etc.

IEEE is widely accepted and known worldwide because of its amazing various facilities and services that makes it one of the leading authority in various fields such as computer science, biomedical, electrical, electronic, telecommunication, communication, information technology etc.

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