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International Conferences

The International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC) is held annually in the fall.

Upcoming Conferences:

2007: Seattle, Washington
2008: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2009: Hawaii

Previous Conferences & Their Locations:
2006: Saratoga Springs, NY 1984: Atlantic City, NJ
2005: Limerick, Ireland (Photos)1983: Atlanta, GA
2004: Minneapolis, MN1982: Boston, MA
2003: Orlando, FL1981: Arlington, VA
2002: Portland, OR1978: Richmond, VA
2001: Santa Fe, NM 1977: Reston, VA
2000: Cambridge, MA1975: Cherry Hill, NJ
1999: New Orleans, LA1974: Pittsburgh, PA
1998: Quebec City1973: New York, NY
1997: Snowbird, UT1972: Philadelphia, PA
1996: Saratoga Springs, NY1969: Washington, DC
1995: Savannah, GA1967: Philadelphia, PA
1994: Banff (Canada) 1964: East Lansing & New York
1993: Philadelphia, PA1963: East Lansing, MI
1992: Santa Fe, NM1962: Washington, DC
1991: Orlando, FL 1961: East Lansing & Philadelphia
1990: Guildford, England1960: Chicago, IL
1989: Garden City, NY 1959: Los Angeles & Boston
1988: Seattle, WA1958: New York, NY
1987: Winnipeg, Canada1957: New York, NY
1986: Charlotte, NC
1985: Williamsburg, VA

Attended by about 200 professionals from around the world, the IPCC offers an opportunity for colleagues and experts to meet and learn from one another. Sessions offer both fundamental and leading-edge developments in communication theory and technology. The IPCC Proceedings is the archive for the conference papers, provided for attendees and available as an IEEE publication.

The ongoing success of the IPCC also depends on its networking opportunities, where attendees can gather in small groups for in-depth discussions with featured speakers. Recent IPCC speakers include researcher Karen Schriver (author of Dynamics in Document Design), Edmond Weiss (author of several well-known books on writing, such as How to Write a Usable User Manual and The Writing System for Engineers and Scientists), and Walter Bender, Interim Director of the MIT Media Lab.

Regional Conferences

Also in development are Specialty Regional Conferences. Suggested topics have included content management and communicating in the engineering profession. If you are interested in hosting a regional conference, please contact PCS Vice President, Luke Maki.


As part of our ongoing effort to fulfill our mission, PCS from time to time presents Colloquia with other organizations. Our most recent effort was a 2-day event planned jointly with the Russian A.S. Popov Society.

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